Zac Cirivello: Demystifying Fly Ranch, Burning Man’s Perennial Oasis


Life is a Festival 021:

Zac Cirivello (Fly Ranch)

In 2016, the Burning Man Project, stewards of an ephemeral city in the Black Rock Desert, purchased a property called Fly Ranch. Fourteen donors gave the organization millions to secure the property, which boasts rejuvenating hot springs, a diverse ecology, and the famous Fly Geyser. 

Zac Cirivello is my longtime friend and the Operations Manager at Fly Ranch. He has worked in many aspects of festival and Burning Man culture, from promoting to vending to photography. When Zac was the media liaison for Burning Man, we shared many long conversations about the integrity and sustainability of transformational spaces.

Today on the podcast, Zac and I demystify Fly -- from purchase to governance. Zac thoughtfully responds to concerns about environmental stewardship, access to the land, and proactive inclusivity. At the end of our conversation, Zac announces a design challenge for Fly Ranch, partnering with the Land Art Generator Initiative, which opens to submissions in January 2020. 

What could Burning Man culture look like year-round on a property with gorgeous hot springs and wild horses? Like Black Rock City itself, it’s going to be up to us.

Special thanks to my rad producer Ari Andersen (Host of the Millennials Don’t Suck Podcast)

My multi-disciplinary design partner Andy McErlean

And the most delightful dj atish for the truly festive theme song: “Peculiar Colors” [Manjumasi]