Caveat Magister: What's the Point of Burning Man?

Life is a Festival Podcast 028: Caveat Magister (Burning Man)

Caveat and I talk about the collision of prank culture and personal development at Burning Man. We discuss issues of privilege and race in the culture. We discuss the 10 Principles and how these descriptive ideas help to define a “Burning Man Space.” We even finish with a sea shanty! 

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Julia Maryanska & Ian MacKenzie (Love School): Can Free Love Save the World?

Life is a Festival Podcast 027: Julia Maryanska & Ian MacKenzie (Love School: The Film)

Tamera’s Love School and the powerful ritual called “The Forum” where participants can dis-identify with personal challenge and see it as a collective issue within a wider cultural context. We talk about Free Love as love free from fear, how jealousy is not love, and how the healing of the world requires a radical commitment to community.

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Erik Davis: Keep Psychedelics Weird

Life is a Festival Podcast 023: Erik Davis (Techgnosis)

Where’s the true weird in the age of Donald Trump and weird weather? Is depression weird, or is depression when things aren’t weird enough? Is Burning Man still weird or has it become too mannered and too known? Are there degrees of reality? How can we serve the psychedelic Renaissance while keeping the weird alive?

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