Speaker. Writer. Host.

Integrated masculinity. Bimbling around festivals.


I'm a writer and speaker from San Francisco, California. My work in masculinity draws on lived experience of gender fluidity and exploration of male self-expression in the international festival movement. After speaking at TEDxBlackRockCity about how festivals create communities in 2015, I turned my attention to men’s work with a deep reading of the foundational texts of the mythopoetic men's movement and qualitative research on gender dynamics at global gatherings. I've given talks around the world, most recently a speaking tour on Healing Masculinity in Australia with documentary filmmaker Ian MacKenzie. I was grew up as a musical theater kid and the goal of my animated public speaking is to connect my audience with each other, to model vulnerability and to inspire personal transformation towards a healed masculinity for all. 


When I was the Creative Director of Fest300 (now Everfest) my mission was to unite the global festival community and inspire cultural curiosity. I'm a veteran contributor to Burning Man and can be found at any immersive event that inspires collective effervescence. In addition to my work on masculinity I also write about harm reduction, personal growth, inclusivity and event sustainability. I adore self expression and festival fashion. 





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