Performing Masculinity

"I'd like to speak up for balls... they are courageous in their vulnerability."

Traditional masculinity is a performance but the "Good Man" is a performance too. In my public talks and workshops I encourage men to aspire to an integrated, healthy masculinity leading with vulnerability. But turns out, when I try to model vulnerability, that's a performance too.

This performance was created as part of a 6-week comedy & solo performance workshop in Oakland, California with Alicia Dattner.

TEDxBRC 2015

How Festivals Build Real Communities from Utopian Visions

In this expansive reflection on the history and diversity of festivals, Eamon Armstrong suggests that the formation of meaningful and enduring communities among participants is the driving force behind all festival cultures. Social alchemist and community builder specializing in world festivals.

Lightning in a Bottle 2017

How to dismantle toxic masculinity

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