Yasmine El Baggari: Cultivating Cultural Curiosity


Life is a Festival 020:

Yasmine El Baggari (Voyaj)

Yasmine El Baggari is a young Moroccan entrepreneur who vowed to travel to all 50 U.S. states after a life changing experience studying abroad in Kansas (she’s only got Alaska to go). She chose to travel by Greyhound bus and stay in people’s homes, all for the sake of cultivating cultural curiosity.

Yasmine is the founder and CEO of Voyaj, an online platform that connects people from across the globe for one-on-one meaningful exchanges to foster global understanding. She has spoken at the World Economic Forum, the Middle East Studies Association, and President Obama's Global Entrepreneurship Summit. Her work has appeared in BBC, National Geographic, NPR, Forbes, and the Huffington Post. She’s also a passionate citizen of Black Rock City!

On the podcast, we discuss her travels around the United States, the difference between assimilation and integration, and how to break down the stereotypes we don’t know that we hold.

This year, Yasmine’s going to all 50 states again, hosting dinners where communities can share stories of migration. Maybe she should start her own podcast?

And now, let’s get cultural curious with Yasmine El Baggari.

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