Zhenzan Dao: The Mythopoetic Antidote for Pornography Addiction


Life is a Festival 007:

Zhenzan Dao (The MogaDao Institute)

It’s not only leaders within festival culture who can teach us to create a life like a festival. Today’s guest is a spiritual master in the arts of human blossoming although she herself no longer uses that title. Zhenzan Dao is the founder of a deeply erotic spiritual tradition, MogaDao, an evolution of Taoism that offers an astonishing array of technologies to support human liberation.

From DH Lawrence, Walt Whitman and Sappho to Taoism, a religion that is passionately interested in undermining itself, Zhenzan has constructed philosophies, traditions and somatic practices to cultivate an Erotic Basis of Being. It is from this knowledge that she offers an unconventional antidote to the modern epidemic of pornography addiction.

On the podcast, Zhenzan teaches us to reclaim our sexuality through calming the mind, grieving our loss of self and trusting our original fantasies. We also discuss how transgender people are champions of longing, why kink might not be as liberating as it seems, and why the root of predation is in fact a lack of autoeroticism.

With a voice that drips like honey from the mouth of a Jaguar, Zhenzan could be from a fantasy herself, yet here she is in all her ferocious wisdom, to help us craft a life of limitless passion.

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