Stephen Brooks (Punta Mona): Regenerate the Earth 1000 Hectares at a Time


Life is a Festival 031:

Stephen Brooks (Punta Mona)

Stephen Brooks wants to change the world a thousand hectares at a time and I’ve never met someone more optimistic about our chances to pull it off! 

I first met Stephen as co-founder of Envision Festival in Costa Rica, now in its 10th year. I was struck by what a nourishing teaching school the event was. Stephen is also the founder of Punta Mona, a year-round permaculture ecoversity and intentional community as well as La Ecovilla, Alegría Village, and Tacotal all in Costa Rica.

On the podcast we follow Stephen from his first taste of community as a deadhead to his plans to take a vegetable oil caravan from Burning Man to the 2020 Global Eclipse Gathering in South America (of which he is a collaborator). Stephen also gives the specific blueprint for 1000 hectares of “energy returned on energy invested” and clear steps for where to start no matter where you are.

“If you plant it right, all you do is reap!”


2 min: Stephen Brooks believes he has the solution

5 min: Learns about community from the Grateful Dead and living in Spain then wakes up in Costa Rica

12 min: Stephen meets his mentor Paddy at Punta Mona and develops his relationship with plants

18 min: Stephen’s definition of permaculture “Energy Returned on Energy Invested”

26 min: From Burning Man to the 2020 Global Eclipse Gathering in a vegetable oil caravan

32 min: La Ecovilla, Alegría Village and Tacotal, the beginning of a federation of communities

42 min: Creating abundance for all 1000 hectares at a time

51 min: Envision Festival as Teaching School & and the cost of a carbon footprint to attend

63 min: Tangible steps for regenerative growth no matter where you are in your life’s journey

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Theme song ““Peculiar Colors” [Manjumasi]“ by dj atish