Romi Elan: A Masterclass in Consent


Life is a Festival 013:

Romi Elan (SoulPlay Festivals)

Romi Elan is the founder of SoulPlay Festivals, which occur a few times a year in California. These gatherings are substance-free and focused on intentional connecting where participants can push their edges in a safe container. Romi and his team have crafted ideal environments to approach romantic connection mindfully, so he is an excellent person to have a frank conversation about the state of consent in our modern world.

Romi grew up in Israel and attended conscious gatherings inspired by Osho. Dissatisfied with his successful job in the corporate word, Romi dedicated himself to creating festivals and gatherings for people to learn and grow.

On the podcast we discuss why consent is much more than just yes and no. We go over what to do if a violation has occurred, and how both individuals and communities should respond. Finally we discussed how other festivals can take best practices from SoulPlay to create spaces of even deeper integrity and connection for all.

Would you like to live life like a festival? If the answer is an enthusiastic YES, join us for this dynamic conversation.

Special thanks to my rad producer Ari Andersen (Host of the Millennials Don’t Suck Podcast)

My multi-disciplinary design partner Andy McErlean

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