Mikey Lion: The Hunt for Sober October


Life is a Festival 001:

Mikey Lion (Desert Hearts)

Today I’m honored to speak with my long time friend and co-founder of the Desert Hearts Festival, Mikey Lion. We are catching Mikey at an inflection point in his personal blossoming. This is the last day of his first Sober October. Mikey and I talk about his newfound passion for personal development and how he’s using the Desert Hearts platform to encourage growth and service.

Also, Mikey finally shares publicly, for the first time, the secret psychedelic origin of the popular Southern California festival.

So listen in as we explore the world of Mikey Lion and the Hunt for Sober October.


Special thanks to my rad producer Ari Andersen (Host of the Millennials Don’t Suck Podcast)

My multi-disciplinary design partner Andy McErlean

And the most delightful dj atish for the truly festive theme song: “Peculiar Colors” [Manjumasi]