Erik Davis: Keep Psychedelics Weird


Life is a Festival 023:

Erik Davis (Techgnosis)

When did weird stop being so, well… weird?

Today on Life is a Festival I’m speaking with psychedelic elder, writer and host of the Expanding Mind Podcast, Erik Davis.

Erik has just published a new book called High Weirdness focusing on the super weird early 70s through the figures of Terence and Dennis McKenna, Robert Anton Wilson and Philip K Dick.

On the podcast we talk about where the true weird resides in the age of Donald Trump. Is depression weird, or is depression when things aren’t weird enough? Is Burning Man still weird or has it become too mannered and too known? Are there degrees of reality? How can we serve the psychedelic Renaissance while keeping the weird alive?

If you make it through the full two hours we have a bonus bit of weird where Erik gets vulnerable about his recent appearance that the queering psychedelics conference and the role of straight white men today.

Let’s get weird… or rather… let’s let the weird get us.

Special thanks to my rad producer Ari Andersen (Host of the Millennials Don’t Suck Podcast)

My multi-disciplinary design partner Andy McErlean

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