The Otherworldly Art Installations of Burning Man (2016)

Through the Vivid Lens of Andrew Jorgensen

Photo by  Andrew Jorgensen

Burning Man is the most dynamic, large-scale immersive art experience in the world. The art of the Black Rock Desert takes many forms from cutting-edge musical performances to mighty mutant vehicles. Attendees experience light art, performance art, lavish costumes and zany interactive experiences. But perhaps most famous are the iconic large installations that grace Burning Man’s expansive playa. Each year veterans and newbies alike eagerly await the massive landmarks that rise out of the flat expanse of the ancient lakebed. Towering monoliths emerge from dust storms like stalwart sentinels and transform entirely from day to night. They play host to art car parties, weddings, photo shoots and introspection. In harmony with the annual theme, they give the city a unique flavor every year.