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I'm a writer and speaker from San Francisco, California. My work in masculinity draws on lived experience of gender fluidity and exploration of male self-expression in the laboratory of global festival culture. Here are some of my most recent articles. 

 Photo by: Nikki Jahanforouz

Photo by: Nikki Jahanforouz

How Men Can Stop Harassment at Festivals Like Coachella

And why it’s our responsibility to change the culture of live events.

Last week, Vera Papisova was groped 22 times during the 10 hours she was at Coachella interviewing women for Teen Vogue. Her topic? Sexual harassment at music festivals. Of the 54 women she surveyed, all 54 for said they experienced some form of violation at the festival...

Wonderfruit: Thailand’s Celebration of Sustainable Partying

What a Wonderfruit world!

What could be more grotesque in 2017 than the wasteful excess of mountains of plastic party trash? From small, boutique vendors to Bonnaroo , environmental sustainability has become an important part of any good festival promoter’s program...

 Photo by: Birdmilk Collective

Photo by: Birdmilk Collective

Garbicz Festival: Berlin’s Best Party is in Poland

Where cutting edge electronic music meets old world charm

We all have assumptions about new places. One of the great benefits of travel is to upend our oversimplified views of other cultures and festivals especially encourage cultural curiosity and make the world a more compassionate place. After all, if you want to see people at their best, join them in celebration...

 Photo by

Photo by

Why I’m Not Investing in Ethereum

It has nothing to do with tulips

I’m friends with some very clever folks in the “crypto” world who have been advising me to invest in Bitcoin and Ethereum for as long as I’ve known about the strange world of digital currencies and the underlying technology that supports them...